Assignment of Lease/Tripartite Agreement

For all properties purchased at UBC, a Form C Assignment of Lease must be signed by the University of British Columbia (UBC). A Tripartite Agreement must also be signed for every mortgage placed against the property.

UBC Properties is the signatory on behalf of UBC. We accept documents by mail or email (preferably email). To ensure a judicious process, a Closing Document Procedures has been provided for your information.

The Procedures will outline the information we require to process the documents. Please pay special attention to our processing times:

  • UBC Properties operates on a 2 business day turn around schedule. Documents submitted after 12 noon will be considered submitted as of the next business day.
  • We do offer a rush service that allows us to return documents in 1 business day, for an applicable fee.
  • Please note there are no other fees associated with the signing process, and we do not do same-day turn around for documents.

Please ensure you follow these procedures carefully and that all the information in your documents is correct. Please note that UBC Properties does not provide legal advice. Please note that UBC and UBC Properties are relying upon the buyers and sellers to ensure that any transaction complies with all relevant legislation. Specifically, it is the responsibility of the person purchasing the property to ensure that they comply with the Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act (Canada). If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the signing process, please call 604-731-3103 or email

UBC Properties does not retain copies of the Ground/Head Leases. This can be obtained through the Lands Titles Office. You can also find the Form C (Assignment of Lease) and Tripartite Agreement through the Lands Titles Office here.

The current Standard Charge Terms are Filing No. ST000010. Please ensure this is represented in your documents accurately.

For the Services Levy, please call UBC Financial Services at 604-822-2454. Information is also attainable on the website:

Services Levy taxes can be remitted by cheque to:
UBC Financial Operations
5th Floor, 6190 Agronomy Rd
BC V6T 1Z3

For the Rural Tax, please call 250-387-0555 (or toll free 1-888-355-2700)