Institutional Projects

In support of UBCs initiative to develop a world class teaching and research campus, UBC Properties Trust undertakes the planning and/or development of all UBC institutional project with a value over $2.5 million dollars. Since 2004, UBC Properties Trust has completed a total of 78 major institutional projects, comprising 6 million square feet of space on the Vancouver and Kelowna campuses with a total project value of $1.8 billion dollars. In addition to work completed to date, UBCPT has 32 projects in various stages of development with a value of $425 million dollars.

UBC Properties Trust employs expertise tailored to meet public procurement regulations set out by the Province to deliver projects on schedule and on budget, achieving excellent value for money. Projects are delivered at costs below provincial budget models and with complex mixed use commons projects, the student housing component is rigorously analyzed to confirm that social and environmental sustainability are balanced against economic metrics.

Designated individuals of newly occupied buildings can visit the Building Issues Log for assistance.