Update to Webber Lane waterway leakage and repair

The Webber Lane waterway running from Mundell Park to Nobel Park in Wesbrook Village is a significant neighbourhood feature, drawing much of its water from rainfall and contributing to our dynamic community.

In instances where not enough rainfall has occurred, a domestic water line tops up the supply. A significant increase in water demand of late urged UBC Properties Trust to promptly engage contractors to conduct a thorough investigation. Multiple leaks were discovered along the water channel resulting in water flow stoppage and complete drainage. The process was lengthy and complicated — each individual section was pumped with water and measured to determine the rate of drainage. It was necessary to wait for stretches of dry weather to allow for full drainage of the channels and ponds for an accurate reading, and due to an unusually wet June, this was not possible until mid-July.

Due to the timing of the detailed inspections and reviews, and once repairs were scheduled to occur, contractors were unavailable. As we enter the winter, the repairs have an increased potential to fail if weather and temperatures are inconsistent, and it was advised to postpone repairs until spring 2023.

This article will be updated when repairs are scheduled to commence. UBCPT appreciates your patience with this ongoing issue. Please email info@ubcproperties.com for any further questions.