Update to Webber Lane waterway leakage and repair

June 6th update: Before beginning waterway repair, a biologist will inspect the relevant waterway sections to confirm if work can proceed as planned. If confirmed, repairs will commence with expected completion by early August. Construction fencing will be installed along Webber Lane between Gray Avenue and Ross Drive, and between Gray Avenue and Mundell Park. Pedestrian access to greenways, parks, and playgrounds will remain open.

The Webber Lane waterway from Mundell Park to Nobel Park in Wesbrook Neighbourhood is a significant feature, drawing much of its water from rainfall.

When not enough rainfall has occurred, a domestic water line tops up the supply. Due to a significant increase in water demand UBC Properties Trust engaged contractors to conduct a thorough investigation in 2022. 

To investigate, the team drained the existing water in the channel and stopped all incoming water. It was necessary to wait for stretches of dry weather to allow for complete channel drainage, including the ponds. Then, the various areas of the waterway were tested for leaks.

The investigation was lengthy and complicated as each section had to be pumped with water then water levels were measured to determine the drainage rate. Due to an unusually wet June 2022, this work was only possible in July 2022. Once leaks were found and repairs could be scheduled, contractors were unavailable. 

Completing the repair work during Winter was not recommended as the repairs have an increased potential to fail if weather and temperatures are inconsistent. 

Now that Spring is here, we are working with trades to prepare for the repairs when there is a period of dry weather and the temperatures are warmer. Given the dependency on dry, warm weather, the repairs to the waterway will occur in late summer.

Treating the areas with bug repellents is not permitted so to minimize any increase in bugs in the interim, we are scheduling to pump out the existing stale waterway from the channels and ponds, which will be pumped regularly until the warmer summer weather arrives. 

We will update this article once the repair schedule is confirmed. UBCPT appreciates your patience with this ongoing issue. Please email info@ubcproperties.com for any further questions.