Library Gardens Renewal

It was envisaged that the area surrounding the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre be as vibrant and active a learning environment as the Learning Centre itself. The outside space was programmed in a similar fashion to the Learning Centre and improves the traffic flow between the Learning Centre and Koerner Library while providing space for a wide variety of activities including group learning, performing arts and public lectures. Phase I of this project included a rebuilding and enhancement of the pedestrian walkway joining Agricultural Road, the heritage core entrance into the Irvin K Barber Learning Centre, the Buck fountain and Memorial Road.

  • Address: 1900 Block Main Mall
  • User: General
  • Project Manager: Dan Bock
  • Architect: Perry + Associates
  • Construction: UBC Properties Trust
  • Project Size: 169,133
  • Budget: 1,000,000
  • Construction Status: Complete
  • Completion: December 2008
  • Occupancy: December 2008