Multi-User Facility for Functional Proteomics

The Multi User Facility For Functional Proteomics (MFFP) is a new 8,600 square foot, four-storey annex that is attached to the existing Biomedical Research Centre (BRC). This new facility provides space for three multi-user facilities comprising of the UBC Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Facility, the UBC Facility for genetically modified mice and the Collaborative Proteomics Facility. It also houses space for the Laboratory for Innovation in Biological Mass Spectrometry (LIBM) and its FT-ICR mass spectrometer. The project scope included both the construction of an annex to the existing BRC and 2,150 square feet of renovated space within the BRC. The building massing took cues from the original structure and sought to improve the overall functioning of the adjacent Patient Park through the landscape design.

  • Address: 2222 Health Sciences Mall
  • User: Biomedical Research Centre
  • Project Manager: Rob Brown
  • Architect: Maples Argo Architects
  • Construction: Halse Martin
  • Project Size: 10,750
  • Budget: 7,423,000
  • Construction Status: Complete
  • Completion: December 2004
  • Occupancy: January 2005
  • Sustainability Rating: LEED Silver (Equivalent)