Origin and Persistence of Species Research Ponds

A set of research ponds with a 10-year life span was constructed at the end of South Campus Road in 1990. Further experiments in these ponds were becoming unfeasible, and as a result, UBC Properties Trust undertook the relocation and long-term replacement of these facilities. The relocation has accommodated 20 research ponds and a 1,500 square foot research station. These ponds will support the work of Dr. Dolph Schluter and his research group into the evolutionary divergence caused by interaction between coastal species and the stickleback fish.

  • Address: 4069 Wesbrook Mall
  • User: Science
  • Project Manager: Mike Redmond
  • Architect: Helliwell & Smith Blue Sky Architects
  • Construction: GRP Construction
  • Project Size: 217,800
  • Budget: 1,930,000
  • Construction Status: Complete
  • Completion: November 2008
  • Occupancy: November 2008