Smith Park

Smith Park is situated between Birney Avenue and Grey Avenue at the junction of two green corridors. The water channel originating at Khorona Park to the north will terminate at a pond that forms the south border of the park. This pond is designed with a formalized edge with terraces and courts providing seating nearby. The arcing form of the north edge will be reinforced with stone retaining walls. A pathway will be situated at the top of these walls creating an overview of park activities. A promenade at the south edge of the pond will provide seating and opportunities for water contact. A serpentine water channel combined with a walkway will bisect the park serving as a division between the active western sector and the passive eastern sector.

  • Address: Wesbrook Place Vancouver
  • User: UNA
  • Project Manager: Rob Wood
  • Architect: Perry & Associates
  • Construction: Stonecroft
  • Project Size: 86,111
  • Construction Status: Complete
  • Completion: August 2008