UBCO Fipke Centre

The Fipke Centre for Innovative Research focuses on generic research and teaching space, rather than a building that is “owned” by one or more academic departments. This creates synergies in collaboration between faculty and different departments and with industries, between research and teaching; and will ensure flexibility in the future as some research program areas grow and others decline. The Fipke Centre has earned an unprecedented five Green Globes in recognition for sustainable design initiatives such as a wind tower for air exchange, a groundwater energy system for winter heating and summer cooling.

  • Address: 3333 University Way
  • User: Faculty of Arts & Sciences
  • Project Manager: David Roche
  • Architect: Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning & HMA Architects
  • Construction: Stuart Olson
  • Project Size: 73,466
  • Budget: 30,502,000
  • Construction Status: Complete
  • Completion: August 2008
  • Occupancy: September 2008
  • Sustainability Rating: 5 Green Globes