Wesbrook Village Supermarket & Commercial/Office Building

The Wesbrook Village Supermarket and Commercial/Office Building are located in the heart of Wesbrook Place and were the part of the first phase of development in the neighbourhood. The project comprises two buildings. The first building is a four storey building with a 32,000 square foot supermarket at grade and three storeys of apartment and townhouses above (see Granite Terrace). The second building is a three storey building with a 4,500 square foot commercial space at grade and office use on the second and third floors. The site also includes surface parking to the south of the supermarket building and below the surface parking.

  • Address: 5945 Berton Avenue, 3233 Wesbrook Mall & 5923-45 Berton Avenue
  • User: Save On Foods
  • Project Manager: Hanson Ng
  • Architect: Paul Merrick & Raymond Letkeman Architects
  • Construction: VanMar Constructors
  • Project Size: 33,418
  • Budget: 54,000,000
  • Construction Status: Complete
  • Completion: Summer 2009
  • Sustainability Rating: REAP Gold